Top Ideas That Can Be Included In Energy Efficient Building Plans

Having an energy efficient home means one can spend less on electricity bills, save more money for special occasions & outings, reduce carbon footprint, and get great peace of mind. Constructing a residence in Geraldton using green building methods & techniques can prevent one’s dream home from becoming an emission-releasing powerhouse.

Here are some effective ideas that can be used for energy efficiency building plans:

Geographical Location & Position


A building should never be planned to face the west, since doing so can maximise exposure to the sun and heat up the house quickly. Also, a residential property must not be built in areas prone to natural calamities such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, etc.


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A house that is huge would obviously have a huge impact on the environment. Moreover, it would also cost more for cooling and heating. Therefore, it is better to stick to a smaller building plan. Doing so would bring about cost-effectiveness and enhanced manageability.

Solar Panels

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Since solar energy is renewable and one of the cleanest sources of power, it can be prudent to include solar panels in a building plan. Solar power can help to reduce consumption of electricity, and also allow to distribute excess energy to one’s utility company, if there is any.

Energy Star Rated Windows

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Windows that are energy efficient (rated ENERGY STAR) can help to save a lot of power. They should, therefore, be mandatorily included in the building plan of a residential property. The energy savings that these windows offer cover the additional cost for every window installed.

Eco-Friendly Building Materials

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The impact of a new construction on the environment can be significantly reduced by using sustainable or eco-friendly building materials. There is a wide range of materials that can be utilised, such as linoleum, cork, reclaimed lumber, recycled plastic, bamboo, etc.

Effective Landscaping


A properly planned shady landscaping can provide protection to a home from direct rays of the sun in summer. It also allows ample of sunlight to enter a residence through the windows in winter. Also, trees planted on the western and eastern sides of an abode can help to keep a house cooler throughout summer.

Employing these ideas can not only aid in the construction of a green home, but also pay back the investment in the long run through savings made on energy bills. Besides that, it would also help the homeowner to stay stress-free.


Home Design Mistakes That Must Be Avoided

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Home designing is a sensitive and intricate task that has to be done with precision and careful contemplation. Missing out on even a single minute aspect can result in failure of the whole project or an improperly built structure. There are certain mistakes that professionals need to avoid at all costs while planning a residential structure. The major ones have been explained below in detail:

Failing To Orientate Living Spaces Towards North

This is perhaps the most common error made while designing homes, which can result in uneven distribution of heat throughout the house. This, in turn, may cause the living spaces to become too hot in summer and too cool during winter. Living spaces and bedrooms of any house should always face towards the north/east side for allowing sunlight to pour into every room ideally.

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Inadequate Research

Some professionals just do not perform enough research prior to developing…

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